About Us

David and Kate Ayers are just two love birds enjoying the adventures of life.

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Both originally from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho the love of the great outdoors was developed early. As they became older, their desire to travel grew with them. David decided to choose a career that requires adventure and travel every day on the job- he became a pilot. Although Kate chose a milder career, that didn’t stop her from living abroad in Sweden and creating her own adventures.  In 2010, they moved to Anchorage, Alaska where adventure and traveling is more a way of life than something that is sought after. This blog attempts to capture their life adventures.

One thought on “About Us

  1. This is so inspirational. You both have captured the idea that has been floating around inside our heads and put it into a beautiful, tangible piece of art . I am so glad we stumbled upon each other’s blogs, and cant wait to read more about your Alaskan adventures. Before Phillip and I know it, we’ll be in the Great Land too!


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