Caribou Creek Cabin Resurrection Pass Trail

Resurrection Pass is a 39 mile trail that extends from Hope to Cooper Landing with a high point of 2600′ at the pass. The Devils Pass Trail also connects into Resurrection Pass at the halfway point (21.5 miles from Hope).  The trail is open to hiking, biking, horseback riding, and various winter activities.  There are numerous campsites along the way, about every 3 miles, as well as 8 cabins that can be rented.

This blog post focuses on the trail from Hope to Resurrection Pass via bike camping. This side of the trail parallels Resurrection Creek the whole time, though you may not always see or hear it. We had reserved the Caribou Creek cabin last minute after a large fire had closed the opposite side of the pass where we originally had planned on staying.  To get to the trailhead follow the signs as you drive into Hope (left on Palmer Creek Road and right on Resurrection Creek Road until you see the trailhead).

You begin by crossing the bridge across the creek to the trail, which starts off as an old mining road. Initially, there are a few rooty sections and a gradual climb along the creek.  The trail steepens as you leave the creek with a punchy climb before a short descent to a nicely graveled trail.  The trail then enters into the woods and has a nice carpet like quality to it.  A few up and downs, but nothing too steep.  As you near the creek edge again it can be a bit muddy and rooty at times.  After crossing a larger bridge, that oozes creosote on hot days, the trail climbs once more before you reach Caribou Creek cabin at 7 miles in.

The cabin was cozy and sleeps six.  When we arrived, it was nice and clean with great views of the mountains and Resurrection Creek. The cabin has an old Norwegian stove which displays the following message in Norwegian.

I rake my fire
Late in the evening
When the day is over
God let my fire
Never burn out.

There are stairs that lead down to the creek, which might have good fishing in it.  From the cabin porch you might catch a glimpse of a bear on the mountain side or the porcupine that likes to chill out under the cabin.  If nothing else you can catch some rays on the deck and appreciate the fauna.

Dylan and I dropped our overnight gear off at the cabin and continued up to the pass.  From the cabin, there are a few up and downs as the trail passes by the various side creeks. Once you pass East Creek the trail goes into a continuous climb past the tree line and into a great viewing area of the mountains and gorge below.  As the trail levels off expect some wind and mist or rain to suddenly appear.  At the top of the pass be careful of the rocks because someone always seems to get a pinch flat or a slashed tire in this area. If you have the time, I’d suggest taking the trail past the Resurrection Pass sign to the Devils Pass cutoff and take a peak at the other side.

As you head back down let-er fly.  If you are doing this as an out and back in one day, plan on it taking about 5-6 hrs (4-5 hours of ride time plus some time to relax and enjoy the views) to do the 42 miles from Hope to Devils cut off.

While we were up at the pass a few friends stopped by and had lunch with Kate, who had stayed behind at the cabin. Once we got back to the cabin we started up the alcohol stove and had dinner.

After a good nights rest we headed back home.

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