Eklutna Lake Trail

Summer in Alaska is quite amazing. The midnight sun drives you to keep exploring and going even after a hard week at work or from being exhausted from the last adventure. It is a fuel that is like none other, we are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.  Our last adventure brought us to Eklutna Lake, the largest lake in Chugach State Park.

We decided to bike to the end of the trail, approximately 13 miles one way. Compared to a few years prior, when we biked out to the airstrip, the trail was quite eroded. It was still rideable, but nature has taken it’s toll on a few spots along the trail. Of course, we could have ridden on the ATV trail instead, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun because it is further from the lake’s edge.

At about twelve miles in we reached the Serenity Falls Public Use Hut.  We hadn’t made reservations, but decided to see if it was occupied. To our luck, it wasn’t.

The cabin is one of the nicest we’ve seen. It sleeps up to thirteen people in a separate bunk room, directly behind the common area. The cabin has a beautiful view of Serenity Falls, which can be seen from the massive windows. It was a peaceful and perfect place to eat lunch.

After we were reenergized we hopped back on our bikes and headed across the river to Serenity Falls. From the bridge we were treated to a great view of the falls and Eklutna glacier. From the other side of the river we had a view of the cabin.

It was noticeable that this section of the trail was not used nearly as much as the rest. Once we reached the end of the bike trail there was an option to continue further on a short hike. However, because the Eklutna glacier has receded so much the end of the hike doesn’t give a great view, so we decided not to go further.

We saw a lot of kids and families along the flat trail, and we even shared it with a few horses.  We also saw a lot of folks kayaking and canoeing in the lake and camping on the bank. The further you go toward the glacier the less people you’ll encounter. Overall the trip was great, we’ll be back in a few months because we have rented the other cabin on the lake, the Yuditnu Creek Cabin.

At the end of the day we went nearly 30 miles: http://app.strava.com/activities/330843868

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