Hidden Lake

Even though it is only a short drive from Anchorage, we hadn’t been to Hidden Lake, a relatively easy out and back 10 mile hike. The trailhead is located at the Glen Alps parking lot and follows the Powerline Trail for a little over two miles.  Once you get to the first noticeable trail sign turn left, toward the wooden bridge, to continue onto Hidden Lake.

Once you cross the bridge you’ll begin a slow climb of 1500 feet.

In about a mile you’ll see a not so obvious fork to the right which crosses over the creek, if you take that you’ll be on your way to Ship Lake Pass. Continue straight if your destination is Hidden Lake. The trail will take you directly to the next creek crossing, which you’ll be forced to take to remain on the trail. Immediately following the first crossing they’ll be a small second crossing. Shortly after, the trail comes and goes but it’s easy to make your own path on the wide-open tundra toward the rock-strewn bowl ahead of you. We even found a few ponds along the way.

The trail was littered with vibrant wildflowers.

After more than two hours of hiking we arrived at Hidden Lake. There were at least three other parties at the lake but because of the size it seemed like we had it all to ourselves. However; at one point we saw a group of hikers jump off the rocks and into the lake. Immediately after we heard their screams, which were brought on by the piercing cold water, echo across the lake to where we were sitting.

Although the fresh water was tempting, we decided to stay dry. This ended up being the better option as the wind started to pick up and we threw on our additional layers.

After we finished some grub and said goodbye to Hidden Lake we headed back down the mountain. We made a small detour because I was curious to take a closer look at the false lake, which many stumble upon on their way up the mountain and mistake for Hidden Lake. From looking down on it, it didn’t look like much.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Lake

  1. Lovely photos, the reflections is the lake is beautiful, and all the wildflowers as well. Looks like a great hike!


  2. Hello! Passing through and looking through the site. Great stuff! I just thought I would offer up that the the short pink flowers are Moss Campion, the tall puple flowers are River Beauty/Dward Fireweed and the white flowers are Mountain Avens. Cheers!

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