Winner Creek Trail

We ventured out to Girdwood for a short hike on the Winner Creek Trail. The trail is relatively flat and easy, yet offers a few fun features; including the hand tram across Winner Creek. With the tram up and running (it seems to be down for repairs a lot) you can cover at least 4-5 miles with an out and back. If you have a shuttle, you have the option to do a simple 2.5 mile one-way hike from Alyeska Resort to Crow Creek Mine. We chose the out and back which gave us the opportunity to ride the tram twice.

The trail was packed with hikers. When we arrived at the tram there were at least 3 parties waiting to catch a ride. The larger crowd was good at one thing- pulling the tram across for those that were in it.

Once it was our turn we hopped in and enjoyed the ride and view.

Shortly after the tram we came across a pretty impressive waterfall.

There were a few bridges along the way and fiddleheads past their prime, so we had to leave them behind.

The hike is perfect for families and those that enjoy views of big trees and luscious foliage. The trail is part of the Historical Iditarod Trail.

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