Mount Jumbo, Juneau Alaska

Mount Jumbo, also known as Mount Bradley, is located on Douglas Island in Juneau, AK. It has become my favorite hike thus far in the Juneau area.  The trail head is located on 5th St. on Douglas Island.  There is a small sign on the 300 block and can easily be missed.

The trail starts with a short steep climb then mellows out to an almost flat trail in the timber.  After about a mile you end up in a bog area with planks, but be careful if the planks are wet as they will be slippery.  This is the first place that you get some clear views.

Now the fun begins as the trail becomes very steep, rooty, and rutty.  After a big rain shower it might be like your hiking up a river.  We found lots of blueberries along the way, none of which were ripe.  But by late September I am sure they would be very yummy.  After another 30 minutes of climbing you are above the treeline and really get some great views that continue all the way to the top of the 3337′ summit.  It took us just under two hours of hiking, with some exploring and berry picking along the way.

At the top we had an amazing 360 degree view.  From the summit you can sit back and relax, enjoy the view, continue along the ridge, or dip into the many pools on top.  The hike down is a bit tricky and a few slips were had by all.  Hopefully Kate can make it next time, she was missed!

Elevation and map plot:

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