Rendezvous Peak

After a fabulous breakfast with caribou sausage (thanks to Dave and Herb) we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather. Because we did get a late start we weren’t keen on going too far from Anchorage so we opted for a popular fall hike- Rendezvous Peak, near Arctic Valley Ski Area. We we arrived at the parking area and were surprised to see more visitors than usual, even more than ski season! However, this is blueberry and crowberry season!  People were dispersed among the hills with buckets and berry picking gadgets. As you walked along the trail you’d see butts high in the air from those that were bending over to get the perfect berry in the perfect patch of bushes. Dave and I walked past the pickers and continued onward toward Rendezvous Peak. The climb was perfect for me, but didn’t seem to challenge Dave too much.

On the way back down we decided to use the empty water bottle as our berry bucket. We loaded up on both crowberries and blueberries for future jam and muffins! Yum 🙂

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