Dolly Varden Cabin

This weekend’s adventure brought us and our friends Liza and Chris to the Dolly Varden Cabin located in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. We set out for the one mile canoe across Dolly Varden Lake at around 1:00pm. At that time the wind had picked up, probably more than the 14mph winds that were forecasted, so we were in for a mild workout heading into the head wind. As little waves became white caps it wasn’t long before a large wave came over the front of the canoe drenching everything in it’s path – including the one pair of pants that I brought. Luckily I’m smart enough to wear quick drying gear! After a rather eventful canoe ride we arrived at the cabin, the wind calmed down and the sun even peaked out behind the clouds! Apparently the sun invited Liza back into the water where she preceded to go swimming as all of us watched from afar with bone-chilled expressions.


One of the best welcomes I’ve ever received from a public use cabin was the paper waiting for us at our doorstep- it was quite the sight, even if it was a few days old.


As the sun faded into the mountains and under the horizon we partook in some lovely spirits. As we sat by the outside fire  laughs and good stories where shared. Thanks to fire tender Dave who successfully cut most of the firewood and kept it burning hot!

While Dave decided to go into the cabin to take a ‘nap’ (which ended up being more than 8+ hours) the rest of us played cards and ate a block of cheese (yes we did this). The cheese was the after-dessert to the wonderful homemade cherry pie that the Ballous sent with us to eat for dessert.

Surprisingly I got up early the next morning. As I walked around I was on the look out for moose and bear, which previous cabin tenants mentioned they saw. However, I had no luck on finding these guys, instead I was welcomed by a beautiful calm lake. I then went back inside to wake up Dave but was unsuccessful, so I followed his lead and crept back into my sleeping bag.


The next thing I know I woke up to a fish in my face! Dave had got up, took the canoe out and caught a lovely rainbow trout. The excitement got me up for the second time. This caused the others to stir and soon after we were eating breakfast (which did not include the fish).

Following breakfast we hastily packed our bags and headed out – yet another great adventure!

We even caught a rainbow on the drive back. 


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